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Michael Yano

Michael received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Hawaii in 1980 and his creative works continued for a period of time following his graduation while engaging in an earn and learn environment in the world of business. Finding his true calling to be one of artistry rather than commerce, Michael took time to explore different creative modalities with forays into pen and ink, music composition, and writing; while working to make a living. Currently living in studio space on an organic farm on the island of Oahu, Michael is reengaging his artistry full time.  Presently, the subject of calm and peacefulness is being explored through the imagery of clouds and sky.   Utilizing deep and wide space perspective in conjunction with the sensitivity of prismatic colors on the clouds, the intention of the work is to enable viewers to reconnect with the calm and peacefulness that is within us all, and often hidden by everyday activities.  The element of water will soon be explored and sometimes added to the sky image.

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